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Welcome to our popular Tech Calls section, here you will hear actual calls that techs receive from the end user. Working tech support is a hard job and when you have to talk to customers that are rude and abusive it makes that tough job impossible. Why can't customers follow directions, and be curteous? It seems like they think they will never see you on the street so why don't I just take out all my issues on this unsuspecting tech. Well to all of those customers GFY, and to all you techs sit back in your task chair grab your favorite alchoholic beverage and enjoy the calls.

Ghetto Boy Don't you love when customers talk about your Mom.
The supervisor calls the customer back in PART 2 of this call.
Manager Call When talking to a manager will only do.
Rhonda, Rhonda Your nothing but a dirty whore!
Wife Suspects This guy has to terminate his service to save his marriage.
Mean People Suck I hate this guy, you will too after listening to this call. Right after I listened to this call, I felt kinda dirty. This guy will really piss you off.
Great Friends Don't you love it when your friends call you at work.
Great Friends 2 This tech rocks! "If you continue this line of conversation I will have to hang up on you", he says it so matter of factly!
Dickwhore Need I say more.
Fax Me some Information A sure to be TSC classic
Broken Mouse This Guy wants a new Mouse NOW!
A.O.L Sucks Cool AOL commercial parody

Wait we have more calls! 76 in total, become a Star Member to gain access to all 76 of them!

If you have any good tech calls that you think should be posted e-mail them to me!

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