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The popularity and sucess of this site is made possible by well known sites linking to TSC. Here is a list of sites that have linked to us, and have helped spread the word about this site. We have never been featured in Slashdot, but I'm still crossing my fingers!

-Thanks fellow Webmasters!
- Concept:
1) Receive Bullshit at Work
2) Email Bullshit to
3) Check Back Weekly
4) Laugh While Cringing
- Great site for ISP techs dealing with those darn analog modems from init strings to drivers, this site is a great help.
- This site is also a site that serves up humor for the tech support worker!
- Determined to be the definitive online resource for IT Professionals who deploy, manage, and support Microsoft products and services.
- The Latest PC Tech News, Reviews and How To! - Windows Xp Tips & Free software downloads!
- Phone Losers of America - Everything you ever wanted to know about the telephone including everything the phone company really doesn't want anyone to know. They have a great tech calls section also.

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