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Welcome to the heart of Tech Support Comedy the tech stories pages. Here you will find it all, the most craziest tech stories you have ever heard, and just when you read one that you think is the worst, you read another one that tops that. TSC is probably one of the largest repositories on the Internet for tech humor and that is because of all the loyal members we have, thank you for your support and all the stories you submit to TSC. Currently we have over 40583 different stories!.

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1. NT/OT:Which techs in Ohio can verify it?
Burrkiss style article comin' at ya' "Offsite Link ". From the Article: Dunfee and men from the Warsaw church have protested outside the Foxhole North strip club in New Castle. The business has responded with Sunday morning protests outside the church, including a recent one by topless dancers. 0.o
[By: Necros / 2014-09-15]
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2. N/T Can't find a weigh
Ok, so I've found myself now in the trucking industry. A little background information on the problem: as a general rule, trucks have to conform to specific weight limits. Steer axles are limited to 12,000 lbs, while dual wheel, dual-axle drives and trailer tandems are limited to 34,000 lbs combined across the two axles, which are weighed together. The trailer tandems can be repositioned from all the way at the back of the trailer, up to about, I'd say 34 feet from the kingpin that goes into the fifth wheel. Standard is 40', and some states don't allow a setting farther back than 40' (hello California!). Yesterday, I picked up a load, and when I weighed the truck, the drive axles were supporting 39,000 lbs. The trailer tandems, on the other hand, were supporting 28,000. Even after sliding the tandems forward, the weight on the drive axles was much higher than legal - more than 1.5 tons over legal. You can maybe get away with a couple hundred pounds, max, over the limit, but I never bet on getting away with any over max if I can help it. So, I return to the shipper to have them rearrange the load - pallets of frozen food - figuring that with the hard numbers in hand, and a scale in the warehouse, they could precisely balance the trailer and I'd be on my way. HAHAHA nope. Instead, I reweighed the load and it's a little better, but still 750 lbs over limit on the drives. And by the time they fixed it a second time - which required them to remove some of the product for some unknown reason, I was beyond the limit of what DOT reguations would allow me to drive, so I had to park it. I weighed it again with the tandems all the way forward, and lo and behold I just BARELY squeaked by on the drives, with the tandems well under limit. Seriously, how hard is it to distribute the weight? Why did they think they had to remove product when the truck was within the gross weight limit? Did any of these guys have a hand in designing Microsoft FrontPage?
[By: DukeOfURL / 2014-09-15]
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  • that's kinda like a guy I worked with looking at the flatbed hold four spools of 1M/3 cable (sometimes called "horsecock") and saying "that's inefficient shipping." even after I pointed out that the cable is 28 pounds a linear foot, and it was 500 ft to a spool. -HappyCrappy

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