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Welcome to the heart of Tech Support Comedy the tech stories pages. Here you will find it all, the most craziest tech stories you have ever heard, and just when you read one that you think is the worst, you read another one that tops that. TSC is probably one of the largest repositories on the Internet for tech humor and that is because of all the loyal members we have, thank you for your support and all the stories you submit to TSC. Currently we have over 40607 different stories!.

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1. Boards still down-need advise
Hi all, long time no post....still like to come by and check out the stories. Have a quick question for anyone with the expertise to answer. I have to do training videos for my software and the mic/headphones we have at work are very inconsistent in their recording quality. I have about $250-300 to spend. Need something that records consistently. This is not for audiophiles. my higher-ups care about quality, but not enough to spend on a real video guy anymore.The headphone/mic combo would be nice as I want to be able to create these as simply as possible. Although I will consider a stand alone microphone (my biggest problem with it, is that it likely is way above my head in terms of figuring out the best way to use it.-You can ask Riff, my hearing is atrocious.)Most of my research has evaluated headphones from the perspective of recording video games which I don't need. just need to be able to record my voice clearly, and at consistent volume in my office, with the door closed. Thoughts? (And Thanks!)-M
[By: Magenta / 2014-10-25]
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  • I have (and like) a Logitech G230. Good sound, noise-cancelling mic, not ridiculously expensive, but it is a gaming headset. I ended up with it because finding a stand-alone noise cancelling mic can be a confusing and expensive proposition, and Logitech's headsets were recommended to me by a guy who used to be a DJ. -NightSteel
  • My son uses a simple desktop mic for his film work. It's, I believe, a $15 no-name stand mic, and he controls distance by watching levels on Sound Recorder (or the Apple equivalent). A noise-canceling microphone might be a better bet if you're in an office, though. -chazz
  • logiteck g35 - NEVER had problems with it as long as you direnct the software towards it ( mainly used with vent and skype) -Harm

  • 2. 'Scuse me while I choke the FNG
    Yesterday, $analyst got a call from a site that needed help figuring out why their WAN links were saturated. They claimed it was because of a GPO issue, and $analyst called shenanigans and said that it was at-best a local issue, but the site insisted a ticket still be put in for Region-level assistance, so he reluctantly did, if only for paper-trail purposes.

    A little later, $assistantSupervisor asked if there was anything being done with the ticket or had heard back from the user, and agreed with $analyst that it was a local issue. That was when the FNG chimed in. The FNG stated he had been talking "informally and unofficially" with the user for about an hour, and basically agreeing with the user that it was an issue worthy of Regional assistance, and decided (while talking to us) to bump it up to a critical priority (meaning someone had to fix it within 2 hours), and didn't even bother to update the ticket with his "informal and unofficial" conversations with the user. The rest of us ($assistantSupervisor, $analyst, and myself) all had to mute our mics because, in my case, if I had said what I wanted, I probably would have, at the very least, been written up, not to mention have a very strong desire to Force-choke the FNG.

    Oh yes, and five minutes after I had posted the number, the FNG asked what the number was for the Regional person who normally handles GPO stuff. Five minutes after that, the FNG rather sheepishly had to admit that it really was a local issue that could wait until Monday, and didn't qualify for Regional support. My guess, $regionalContact chewed the FNG a new one for the incident, and trying to get the user's hopes up for what was a local ticket he (the user) should've been able to fix themselves.
    [By: skippytpodar / 2014-10-25 ]
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  • Okay i know how much it takes to get someone shit canned UP HERE.. by now thwe FNG SHOULD have at least one 3 tier filing cabinet full of 'WTF how do you actualy tie your shoe laces?' your way. -Harm

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