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Welcome to the heart of Tech Support Comedy the tech stories pages. Here you will find it all, the most craziest tech stories you have ever heard, and just when you read one that you think is the worst, you read another one that tops that. TSC is probably one of the largest repositories on the Internet for tech humor and that is because of all the loyal members we have, thank you for your support and all the stories you submit to TSC. Currently we have over 40602 different stories!.

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1. Good news/bad news (nt/ot)
Seeing as the forum is still down...

Had a conversation with my mom today, and she told me a bit of good news/bad news.

Since 2000, my grandma's had to have round-the-clock care, no thanks to a severe stroke which rendered her paralyzed on one side. The fact she lived more than 48 hours after the stroke is a stone-cold miracle, and a testament to how tough-as-nails my grandmother truly is. She even survived my grandfather's passing not too long ago, and has had to rely on two nurses more than ever, who've alternated 24-hour shifts every day for years, due to my grandfather's declining health in the last couple years before his passing. The fact these two nurses helped out have been an absolute Godsend, but one of them needs to move on, meaning that my grandmother will no longer be able to live in her own apartment.

Thankfully, there was already a solution, combined with a case of perfect timing. Last year, when the nurses needed a well-earned, and long-overdue vacation (only the 2nd they've ever taken since starting to care for my grandma), my dad and aunt found an outstanding assisted-living facility for seniors not far south of my grandma's apartment. My grandmother, of course, had some initial reservations, given the absolutely horrid experience she and my grandfather had the first time around at another facility across town during the nurses' first vacation, but this 2nd facility she went to was a complete 180 from the prior one, and she absolutely loved staying there. They had a ton of programs she liked in the facility, as well as round-the-clock medical care, physical rehab programs, an on-site team of priests and rabbis (which she liked since she's devoutly Catholic) to serve as chaplains, and the facility had programs to go outside and enjoy the rural mountain scenery, of which there was plenty, as well as go on trips to the Tatra mountains a little further south. Plus, the facility looks like a mountain chalet in a very rural, almost pastoral, setting, and they also have their own team of expert chefs, all of which were trained in and apprenticed at some of the best restaurants across Europe, providing three meals a day.

In fact, my grandma loved it so much, she almost didn't want to leave when the nurses came back from their vacation, and the nurses told my dad & aunt how she spent the better part of 6 weeks raving about how amazing the place was. And my dad & aunt did the math, and the place actually ended up being less expensive to have her stay there, than pay the nurses for their in-home full-time care (even more so, since the government provides her with extra aid as the spouse/widow of a wounded war veteran). But in the interim, my dad & aunt agreed with my grandma to have her stay in her own apartment. That moment was recently when (as I mentioned before) one of the nurses needed to move on. By a quirk of fate and timing, while the facility had spaces for temporary arrangements, they had no spaces for permanent assisted arrangements until a few days ago (don't know if someone had passed away or had transferred elsewhere). My grandma almost couldn't say Yes to permanently staying there fast enough, because as much as she wanted to live in her own apartment, she was forced to concede that she (mobility-wise) was basically reduced to her own bed and wheelchair, and had little use for an increasing number of the things in the apartment anymore. However, she made my dad & aunt swear to never sell the apartment so long as they live. And a side-benefit is that, while my aunt has her own place downtown that she uses part of the time, whenever she or my uncle are there, they only occasionally entertain visitors, and their schedule doesn't always permit me, my dad or mom to stay there, so we'll have a place to stay whenever we need to go there, and my dad will get his own set of keys to the place which we'll share amongst ourselves as needed.

My dad will be flying there for 3 weeks next month, as they've already reserved the space for my grandma, and he'll help her move in November 15th.
[By: skippytpodar / 2014-10-20 ]
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  • Sounds like things have worked out as "best possible." -Grue
  • Indeed! The thought's been passed around for some time, as have the discussions, especially in light of my grandfather's passing a while back, the discussion was elevated to the foreground more often. -skippytpodar

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