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Welcome to the heart of Tech Support Comedy the tech stories pages. Here you will find it all, the most craziest tech stories you have ever heard, and just when you read one that you think is the worst, you read another one that tops that. TSC is probably one of the largest repositories on the Internet for tech humor and that is because of all the loyal members we have, thank you for your support and all the stories you submit to TSC. Currently we have over 40624 different stories!.

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1. Fun with Repetition and more!
So I am getting somewhat frustrated dealing with certain thi gs and certain people where I work. I mentioned yesterday about how I was given 3 deployments that were due yesterday without being given advanced notice so I could image the computers in time. This problem was caused by someone I shall refer to as Mr. J (no, not the Joker). Today, Mr. J figures he wants to turn me into a broken record. His predecessor had a similar problem with a lot of us before being replaced. I finally caught up with one of the deployments from yesterday as I had enough time to image the machine and all to deploy it. Upon my return to the office, he decides to pester me and ask if I had deployed that machine yet. I told him I did. Here we are about 4 hours later. He just asked me again if it was done. I told him yes again, despite the fact he can see this request in our ticket system (clearly listed in a Closed status). I love when people listen to me.
[By: KrazerKap / 2014-11-25]
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  • Todays letter kids, is "J". "J" is for "Jackass", "Jerkoff" and, "Jaghole". Tune in tomorrow for the letter "F". -Stryker One

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