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Subject: Starfishies
The Sex Pistols - Anarchy in The UK

Right, Click, Hahahahaha

I am your tech support
I am your last resort
Don't know what you've done
But I know how to fix it
Don't' wanna rebuild registry

Cause I do not like starfishies
No caps lock key

Starfishes in the USA
They call me sometimes, daily
Don't care about time
Call the data line
My futile scream cuz there's no more cream

Cause I, I do not like starfishies
New York City!

How many techs said "Can't fix what you want"?
Mess with the best
Die like the rest
I have no M. C. P.
I use common sense

Cause I do not like starfishies
Is there any more coffee?

You have MCSE?
Or are you a CNE?
Or are you a DBA?
I thought you were a starfishie
and just another (l)user
Another pot of black coffee.

I do not like starfishies
And I do not like starfishies
And I do not like starfishies
You know what i mean?
And I wanna kill all starfish
Again I'm pissed
[By :DedSysOp / 2004-03-15]
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  • *claps* now, everybody bang your head and smash yout mTV -goblin69
  • Excellent! Sid lives! -Mushroom
  • Tech Punk Lives! -TechnoVampire
  • Yeah man ! <doing the pogo all over the house> -RTFM
  • <puts his hair up in a mohawk, and attaches all sorts of safety pins to his clothes> Tech-punk RAWK!!! -GothKat
  • Kn'oath - I love it. We must have covered damn near the whole musical spectrum by now. -K1W1
  • googled for kn'oath "KN'OATH" - that's Aussie for "f#$kin oath" - and now you know, and know is half the battle -DedSysOp
  • (Tech) Punks not dead! 'kin'ell! -lineswine
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