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Here is all the content that d has contributed to Tech Support Comedy.

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1. english as a 5th language!?
ok, so this guy has been calling us for a few days. his english is really poor. we're trying to help him install some software. the usual way doesn't work, so we're trying to do some stuff in dos to get it to work. at some point during the last call i'm trying to verify that the file he needs is in the folder he's in, so i try to get him to type 'dir f*' and press enter. i say now type d-i-r-space-f-*. he says okay d-i-r-space-s?. i say no f, f for fred. he says oh s for sony. i say no f for fred, not s for sony. he says ok so s for sony. i say no, not s for sony, f for fred, not a, not b, not c, not d, not e, but f, F for fred. he says ok so a c?. no an F, F for FRED, the letter that follows E and is before G. he finally gets it and types an f for me. but, needless to say we couldn't get the software to install. more due to his poor english than anything else. oh, he also doesn't know left from right. just what you need after a relaxing two week holiday.
[By: d]
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  • Too bad you couldn't say, "NO, F FOR FUCK OFF!" I bet he would have gotten it right then and there. -ab1normalh
  • Hmmmm...that's a good one...A for asshole, B for baka(japanese: idiot), C for Cesspool of stupidity, D for dumbass... *goes on* -Vertigo
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