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TSC Member DaBean

Nick: DaBean
Name: Steven Raith
Employer: Tech ninja.
Home Page:
Location: Hertfordshire
TSC Member Since: 2001-04-11

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Bio: Further updates. Currently running the test network for a UK govt dept where we try new stuff for the site before putting it through full on UAT stuff. Yes, that's right, Beany is now a SysAdmin. Be Afraid. Remember, in a comms cupboard, no-one can hear you scream... Steven R/Beany
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So why is Kingof9x a bounder and a cad? I'll post something scary to him later. As to no emails.. busy at work, and far far far too much Ultima Online at home. -Madcat88
Yeah see blind ppl can operate computers like nothing on earth, for a start they know how to 'tab' between fields and tabs. -Kingof9x
Hehe.. had friday off to go on a nice motorbike ride with a bunch of other bikers from AP. Was dead chuffed, since I have the smallest bike I beat most of them to our main stop, and again got to the last stop before them. All while putting half the amount of petrol in the tank. ^^ (and if you can read the internal newsgroups on the internal news server, looking at <companyname>intra.motorbikes and you should be able to work out who I am from that. -Madcat88
And on the topic of who people are, did you know that out of the 635 Williams working for our company only one of them is a front line support analyst based at your site. -Madcat88
Nope I didn't know that, heheh. -Kingof9x
I got a GBA a couple of weeks ago. Very nice machine although I still prefer the NeoGeo Pocket colour. BTW, how are you getting on with the new contractors? -Madcat88
Hey Bean what like? What u mean u h8 tech's straight outta collage, some of us educated ppl do understand whats goin on & dont need helpdesks! -Flaming
Check this addy out..... it's da dogs danglies. :) -Kingof9x
Have you guys been lumbered with Bodge (otherwise known as Bridge) too? -Madcat88
Bridge/Bodge? wtf? not sure what that is but I don't think so. heh. -Kingof9x
Arghhh. Will somebody tell the users to stop logging calls about the network and viruses? -Madcat88
I dunno, he reads a car magazine, is the top poster on the said car magazine's forum and he doesn't even drive! What a guy!!! -Alan P
Well I am ex BT staff and unfortunatly also have to have BT as my provider, ugh! Nice to see BT staff still doing nothing!! -geri
In respponse to your message, send me an e-mail and I will tell you about jobs in LAN here in hampshire, not too far from London, better than working for BT, But then anything is better than doing that.. and yes a woman!!! -geri
Hello DaBean! Long time no write, still at thingy? -Madcat
Yo Beany whats the crack with me auld mucker now, ltns are you down south now man? maybe take a flying visit down there some time. Willy (Kingof9x) -Kingof9x
Just a thought from a random passerby... Its never too later or too early to make amends with family. Unless they did you really wrong, and I mean unforgiveably wrong, its a waste of time to wait. Two years ago I was on kinda bad terms with my mom, wouldnt even call her on moms day. Amonth later she passed suddenly. I never got the chance. Dont miss yours bro. Just some comments from the gallery. Your decisions are your own, just hope you dont have the regrets that I do. iamscoop -iamscoop
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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