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TSC Member PTSTech

Nick: PTSTech
Name: None provided
Employer: ****
Home Page: None provided
Location: Blue Heaven
TSC Member Since: 2005-03-23

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Bio: Network Admin in the Charlotte area.
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Thanks for the Karma! It's very appreciated. -TechOgre
Well geez Slappy, you can't just finger up a guys whiteboard and not call him the next day. Who were ya? And thank you, yes...I still have it..but the lotion says two weeks and it'll be gone. -The Coyote
You still work on Programmer Test Stations? -LaserGuru
Welcome to the BBC - the phantom donor strikes again! Good, innit? -Gromit
Some, yes and if your in the Charlotte NC area, then yes. I <i> may </I>be able to help -virusjtg
My mom is a teacher here in Charlotte...Are there any specific TIAA/CREF related questions that I could forward to her for you? -audiomagi
Hey! Welcome to the Constellation! You'll need new pants now, though! <G> -Ulfgaard
Congratulations on the big butt inflation! Iím in NC too. Maybe we can work on a South East BBC sometime. -Gunpe
Check the brake room for updates on the South East BBQ for this summer. -Gunpe
Saw your signature... liked the two by four comment... reminds of this time in st augustine florida, when I bought a couple swords including my claymore.... when I was leaving I had to clean my room out 2 hours before my bus left, so I hadt to take all my stuff to IHOP for breakfast... needless to say I got great service that day... -iamscoop
PSTech I think you need to rewrite your Soapbox. CrystalMare is a Guy. ^_^ -kennz
Yep your welcome. CrystalMare was actually my supervisor way back 3 yrs ago!! glad you changed the soapbox. -kennz
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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