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TSC Member dreamstream

Nick: dreamstream
Name: Unknown
Employer: Very Large Broadband ISP
Home Page: None provided
Location: Canada
TSC Member Since: 2002-01-27

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Bio: Note:To whomever is posting using this name,it is not me who is posting. I will be changing the password on a daily basis. Thank you.
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Leave me a freakin message. I am god. Sheesh. -dreamstream
Shitware Spectrum is the SS. I was the original Beep-Beep class of Saint Ream. I have heard the hell stories about Beep-Beep right now. At least you dont have to handle 150 in queue from TampaBay..... -psxdefector1
I thought that was SZ. NO, that's Shit Zone. We all love the other outsourcers, don't we? -MadJack
I just had another bad one today. Saint Ream lost over half my hours plus overtime(this pay check is around 350 dollars...),i had a hell call which sucked the life out of me and lasted for 45 minutes for i could send out a tech to his house and i've had a friend's ex hitting on me all day. -dreamstream
Tell me about it. My TL got wrong info about floaters, and I lost an entire day's pay off this check, which was already short due to 20 hours of VTO. Gonna have to tell the landlord they'll have to wait two weeks. Not good. -MadJack
In my old contract,they were giving out MTO (Mandatory Time off) and wanted to reduce everyone's hours from 40 min to 30 min. Now everyone in the contract is trying to look for new jobs or new positions within the company. -dreamstream
No surprise when you're working for the four letter OEM. They're doing everything they can to prevent another round of layoffs. (Not that it's going to help. They took on H&R BLOCK down here, and a lot of hardware and software techs got shanghied over there. Most of them are looking at being laid off after 4/15. -MadJack
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