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TSC Member ltu1542hvy

Nick: ltu1542hvy
Name: Bill
Employer: None provided
Home Page:
Location: North Carolina
TSC Member Since: 2002-12-28

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Bio: Tech support guy for an administrative division of a large public university.
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Nice to see your posting about the palm and car with 3600 miles warranty. -misterallno
What does your nick mean? -lineswine
Heyyyyy, nice shirt! Where can I get one of those? =) -techiegoddess
Yeah, the ghost of Norton haunts a lot fo places I'm told. -Clavenater
Thankyou for your kind words. I really appreciate the support this group offers. 8,-) -TechOgre
NICE ONE on the porn retort its the best yet. -strider
I, like lineswine, would like to know what your nick means. I have a guess: LTU=airline, 1542=flight # (to where?), hvy=heavy/fully loaded. Is it right? If so, why did you choose it? :) -jackywebdesign
Tolchock? Been sharpenin' up for a bit of the old ultra-violence I see... -Clavenater
Happy 38th Birthday!!!! -Bluetech
Tolchock...oh ho my droogs, what have we hear? (Kudos to Clav for getting it too) -lineswine
Love the shirt!!!! -duckhead
Yeah, that and a couple a'three books & whatever else I come up with - got thru I-Net+ & Security+, Next is NetWork+ -satanstech
Anoraks are nerdy types, like birdwatchers (aka twitchers) and trainspotters (writes train numbers down in a little notebook). -K1W1
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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