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TSC Member Phssstpok

Nick: Phssstpok
Name: None provided
Employer: Get Real
Home Page:
Location: Alabama
TSC Member Since: 2000-11-16

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Bio: Let's see... I am currently 28 and do TS for a dialup ISP outsourcer. 100 clients, clusterfark. Big old phone monkey... here's a call... gotta go...
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Hey Phssstpok what happened to your Proxy you had set up, I had it bookmarked, I use it everyday at work because of our gay filters. -GibbDaddy
Phssstpok: To re-connect your proxy box, what you have to do is set up a port redirect through the firewall box. This is in two parts: First, nail down the IP address of the PII. You do this by reserving an IP address for the MAC address of the PII; or, if the firewall doesn't have that capability, you give it a static IP outside the address range that the firewall uses for DHCP. Then, you tell the firewall that incoming requests on port 80 should be routed to that specific machine. If this sounds like gibberish, that's because it very nearly is; if you can give me specific model information on the firewall, I can pull the manual and give you better instructions. -chazz
I'm going to need a little more information about your router -- nametag on the bottom, it should have a model number, probably two to four letters and about the same number of digits. There are so many different things on the Linksys site called "Instant Wireless" that the description you've given me is not sufficient. -chazz
Phssstpok, I have been meaning to ask about your name. Any relation to Phsssthpok from Larry Niven's Protector novel? -Fuji
Comcast reps sound more retarded than my company. I didn't think that was possible... -Zentar
You could leave just a *little* room for the rest of us on Vickey'sWong's board, ya know... <grin> -LinuXtreme
Nice work! LOL -Digital Dogcow
Write on my Whiteboard, it will get posted and e-mailed to me.

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