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TSC Member TechieNewbie

Nick: TechieNewbie
Name: uhhh, don't remember it
Employer: The one I work for
Home Page: None provided
Location: Boston, MA - well the area any
TSC Member Since: 2001-07-27

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Bio: I am a women who works in an office full of men! Talk about stress! OK well I lied, there is one other tech who is female. And let me tell you...this office is nuts!!! (no pun intended hehe) As the name implies I am still rather new to the field, although I have been an ameture for sometime on my home PC (and the dreaded family PC's lol). Oh well.
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funny story :) wish some ppl that I "support" would do that.:D -jacky0011
yah isnt fun... they either want to sleep with you or you have to fight with their big fat egos.. but there arfe a few who are ok -oxran
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